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Obama needs to be memorialized with a new scandal suffix

Ever since Watergate, it has been the practice to name each new scandal with a -gate suffix: Travelgate, Filegate, Thisgate and Thatgate. The reason? Watergate was the benchmark for scandals. However, Obama has broken new ground in scandals, so I … Continue reading

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Here’s what Holder is hiding – donations from drug cartels

I’ve heard the theory promoted by Rush Limbaugh that what Eric Holder was trying to do with the Fast and Furious gun-running operation was let guns get loose and walk over the border to Mexico and once that happened use … Continue reading

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Roger Clemens – another misstep for Eric Holder’s Justice Department

Prosecutorial overreach in the Roger Clemens case and in the John Edwards case, and now trouble over Fast and Furious – it hasn’t been a good year for the Eric Holder Justice Department. But singling out the Roger Clemens case, … Continue reading

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Questions raised about Obama’s connection to Mexican drug cartels

Did it strike anyone else as unusual how quickly Obama returned campaign donations from these “Chicago men whose brother is a fugitive casino owner with suspected ties to political corruption in Mexico.” (Click the link to read the Chicago Tribune … Continue reading

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