No, No, Charles Krauthammer, this is fundamental.

A few days ago I listened to a discussion on Fox’s Special Report about new rules the Obama administration is seeking to facilitate government surveillance of electronic communications. In this discussion, I was surprised by Charles Krauthammer’s comments.

He said that he was against the rules, though not strongly against. He said he feared what some governments might do with this information, but he had no fears of what the United States government would do with it – our government could be trusted.

Fundamental to our entire constitution is the notion that we cannot trust, to that degree, any government. Charles, have you forgotten the stacks of FBI files found in the Clinton White House, for which we have yet to receive an adequate explanation? Are you ignorant of what this administration is trying to do when it threatens health insurance companies for speaking out, when it countenances the presence of thugs at voting places to intimidate voters, when it tries to regulate political speech and talk radio?

The notion that “it can’t happen here” is very dangerous and naive. Despotic personalities only exist in other countries? I think not. We need to be forever diligent, Charles, or we will lose our freedoms.

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