Forcing us to celebrate these same-sex weddings

OK, so these gay rights activists want to force the baker to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding, whether he feels it violates his conscience or not. It’s a new America, formerly known as the land of the free. So my mind has been wandering to explore the limits of our developing police state.

This is a hypothetical situation that I was wondering about. Let’s say we have a baker who is disgusted by the idea of same-sex marriage. A same-sex couple comes to him. You know, certain types of couples seem to seek out these people who would object to same-sex marriage, to push their agenda. So they demand that this baker make a cake for them. Fearing for his livlihood, he bakes the cake. But, here’s the kicker, while we know the government is going to force to make the cake, can they force him to do a good job? What if the cake got delivered to the wedding and there was something wrong with it? If we rely on the free market, the baker wants to do a good job because he wants to be in business and if he doesn’t please his customers, he won’t stay in business. That system works. But in America we are no longer a free market, at least not in this respect. You are taking things out of the free market and forcing this private businessman to accept a job he doesn’t want to accept. So if his heart isn’t in it, maybe he doesn’t care if the customer likes it. In fact, maybe he would just as soon the word get out among certain prospective customers that he doesn’t want their business. So let’s say the decorating on the cake misspells a name, or is mussed up, or something goes wrong in the recipe. Or maybe in a terrible accident, he drops the cake on the way to the wedding. What then?

Let’s go to the photographer. What if she is forced to participate in a same-sex wedding against her will, and she ends up late for the wedding? What if the photos are blurry? What if she happens to lose the memory card that has the photos?

What if the wedding chapel is forced to perform a ceremony for a same-sex couple and screws up the ceremony in some way–forgets part, shows up drunk, or some other mishap? How far is our developing police state going to go in enforcing the violation of their conscience?

Just wondering

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