Global warming – coming to grips with reality

Watching the Left wrestle with recent climate news has reinforced my belief that deep down inside they truly do fear the whole thing may be a hoax. Here are two recent pieces of evidence:

1. The Antarctic global warming expedition that has been stuck in the ice has been so much fun to contemplate. Funner still was watching the Chris Hayes tirade on MSNBC against conservatives who have been mocking this. But did you notice the little Freudian slip in his tirade. Here is the link to watch it: Chris Hayes on global warming. And here is the quote of what he said, beginning at about the three-minute mark in the linked clip: “Because this willful stupidity is backed by a lot of money. A new report found that conservative groups spend up to one billion dollars a year to fight action on climate change. One billion dollars to cultivate a group of people who delight in being on the wrong side of history.” What caught my attention was the last phrase: “The wrong side of history.” Not the wrong side of science, mind you, but the wrong side of history. I believe that deep down inside Chris Hayes senses that this isn’t about science at all but about groupthink. He has seen the data showing that the earth’s temperature has stabilized over the past ten years. He knows that they have changed their terminology from “global warming” to “climate change” to guard against the possibility that it doesn’t warm any more. He goes into a mindless rant against the money conservatives spend to counter the propaganda of the Left, as if that somehow taints their cause. And then, in the end, it slips out: Conservatives aren’t fighting against science, but against the march of history.

2. It was also recently in the news that Florida may soon overtake New York in population and become the third most populous state, behind Texas. California remains first. Each year, according to a report I remember hearing on Fox a couple of days ago, 50,000 New Yorkers move to Florida and only 25,000 move from Florida to New York. So the mantra is, “The earth is warming – o my gosh, how will we survive!” But in actuality, people like it a little warmer, and there is a net migration to warmer states like Florida, Texas, and Arizona.

Deep down inside, these Leftists sense that they are engaging in the triumph of groupthink over reason. I remember when the scandal erupted about the falsified research at the University of East Anglia, rocking the very foundations of the claims of man-caused global warming. I was browsing the website of one of the British newspapers reporting on the scandal and was amazed at the comments I read. The people, by and large, were unfazed by the scandal. Their belief in global warming was undimmed.

Now there are people who have believed in man-caused global warming who are susceptible to reason. Not too long ago, there was a caller on Rush Limbaugh who was a former Liberal. He said that the first seeds of doubt planted in his mind were about climate change. But those who are pushing this, like those pushing much of the agenda on the Left, are not susceptible to reason. The belief that they are fighting to save the planet gives meaning to their lives, and as long as they can draw support from each other, they will not be shaken from this.

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  1. Dan Pangburn says:

    The cause of the warming, the end of it, and why temperatures are headed down are no longer a mystery.

    Curiosity resulted in the discovery of the two primary drivers of average global temperatures that explain the reported measurements since before 1900 with 90% accuracy and credible estimates back to 1610. CO2 is not one of them.

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