Herman Cain answering the sexual harrassment accusations

Herman Cain was interviewed Tuesday as part of Special Report’s “Center Seat” feature, where he sat down with the Special Report panel.

They really grilled him about his response to these sexual harrassment allegations. He handled it well. Herman Cain’s strength is that he appears to have no pretense, and answers every question as straightly and honestly as he can. They questioned his changing responses to the accusations made against him, and he simply explained that as time went on, he was able to piece together recollections he had of the incident. I don’t know if they were satisfied with that, but to ordinary people, that is extremely credible. I think some elements of the media may just have trouble understanding straightforward candor.

My response to the allegations against Herman Cain is that they make me much more sympathetic to him. The charges are ridiculous. What, he made some gesture that wasn’t overtly sexual but it made the woman uncomfortable? What is that supposed to mean? Give me a break! The people Herman Cain makes uncomfortable are the establishment, the ruling class, and I love it! Michele Bachmann is still my first choice, but Herman Cain has now risen to a close second in my opinion.

On Monday night, I posted a comment to Brent Bozell’s column on CNS News in which I predicted that Cain would get a boost in donations from this smear attempt, and what I have heard since then seems to bear that out.

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