It’s almost like Romney is running for the Arizona state legislature

Here in Arizona LD 25, where Big Government Republican Bob Worsley, the most liberal Republican in the Arizona legislature, is running for re-election, I see all these signs up and mailers in my mailbox telling me how Mitt Romney endorses Worsley.

Something is really weird about this. How is it that a former Republican presidential candidate is reaching down into our local legislative district to support one Republican against another? There is something unseemly about it. Something is going on under the surface here – I wish I knew what it was.

I know that Worsley is into crony capitalism. His business interests include green energy, which requires government connections to be successful. Is that what’s going on here – the leveraging of influence for his business success? Or have insiders identified Worsley as a man they can work with and they want to groom for higher office? It’s got to be something like that, and it’s sleazy. It just feels very sleazy.

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By Dr. David Hall. Dr. Hall runs Infinity Dental Web, a small company that does Internet marketing for dentists. He has had a long-standing interest in politics and as a college student toyed with the idea of a political career.
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