Liberal Tolerance Turned Off and then Turned On

I caught a short segment of Sean Hannity’s radio show today. He had on Tina Wells, a blogger for The Huffington Post, and Tony Perkins. They were discussing the new MTV show, Skins, and whether or not it was good for kids.

Tony Perkins was criticizing the show as being irresponsible and possibly crossing a legal line because what they had filmed some might classify as child porn. Tina Wells was ardently defending the show. Later I checked her latest post on The Huffington Post. She said, “In my opinion, it’s not MTV’s job to create inspirational uplifting content for youth.” Later, she goes on: “Sean Hannity asked me today on his radio show if I felt MTV had a responsibility to their viewers. No, I don’t. I think parents have a responsibility to their children to not allow them to consume inappropriate content. And if their children sneak and explore that content (we did all the time), their family values should be strong enough to overcome it.”

Now Tina Wells is guarded about her political leanings in her blogging, so I’m not going to call her a Liberal here. But we all know that her views will resonate with the Left. This type of rationalizing of violent movies, video games, and other loose moral standards in media, is done by the Left with regularity. They deny that graphic displays of anything promotes any degradation of the culture. It reflects the culture, they say – it’s truth. Furthermore, they claim the Constitution protects this freedom of expression.

But turn around and talk about political speech, which the First Amendment to theĀ ConstitutionĀ is primarily designed to protect, particularly conservative speech, and they feel that the government needs to get involved and regulate it. And then with the Tucson shooting, they go over the top and try to draw an association with political targeting of candidates, saying that it had to have something to do with this.

It drives us conservatives crazy. And what’s the most amazing is that very few of them actually recognize the inconsistency.

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