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A little stunned by the brazen budget lies

It was a little over a week ago when Rex Nutting’s famous column was published in the Wall Street Journal alleging that Obama’s Spending Spree Never Happened. As used as I am to the lies of the Left, I must … Continue reading

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No consensus on global warming among scientists

Chris Matthews recently criticized some Republican candidates for president asking how can they get very far by denying the obvious science of global warming. It’s another hallmark of the Left that they can’t come to grips with differences of opinion. … Continue reading

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Trying to cheer Obama’s great plan, but first we have to figure out what it is.

I just had to post this link to a video clip from MSNBC’s Chris Matthews show. It is so funny! Chris Matthews has two guests. Cynthia Tucker is a partisan political hack posing as a Pulitzer-Prize-winning syndicated columnist. And Sean … Continue reading

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