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A gradual, quiet coup

That’s how Mark Levin described President Obama’s approach to the presidency, underscored by Obama’s comments today in his first official cabinet meeting of the year. As quoted by The Daily Caller, he said: “One of the things I’ll be emphasizing … Continue reading

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What we’ve learned about Gov. Christie in Bridgegate

I heard the commentaries after Governor Christie held his marathon press conference on Thursday. George Will, who was on the Special Report All Star Panel that evening, praised him for doing everything right. “He came out and used honest, thumping … Continue reading

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Comparing the United States to the old Soviet Union

Last week, Mark Levin had a call on his radio show that is worth publishing here. The caller, Ed from Long Island, had grown up in the old Soviet Union. Here is a transcript of what he said: “Yes, hi, … Continue reading

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How to restore the American Republic

Three months ago, Mark Levin released a blockbuster new book, The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic. In it, he proposes that the states call a convention to amend the US Constitution. I have a key suggestion about how to … Continue reading

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There’s a book that came out about three weeks ago that is a very important book, but that probably won’t get the attention it deserves. It is titled, Extortion: How Politicians Extract Your Money, Buy Votes, and Line Their Own … Continue reading

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The debt ceiling negotiations – a mine field for Republicans

I have several blog posts urging John Boehner to stand firm on the budget and leave the government shut down indefinitely, if he has to. But the debt ceiling is a different matter. Here Republicans could be playing with fire. … Continue reading

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Republicans: Don’t be intimidated by Obama’s red line on Obamacare

Congressional Republicans could learn a lesson from Bashar Al-Assad – You can stand up to Obama. I get tired of listening to all these media conservatives who remember the great budget battle of 1995 as a defeat for Republicans. It’s … Continue reading

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The war for Obama to save face

Obama is at it again. McCain is at it again. The Republican establishment is at it again. All jumping on this bandwagon about Syria and all so out of touch with the people. “The consequences of the Congress of the … Continue reading

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No, Colin Powell is not that stupid

We’ve heard Colin Powell’s remarks about the voter ID laws in North Carolina and Texas. They’re going to make it more difficult for minorities to vote, he says. Mark Levin devoted a large segment of his show yesterday to responding … Continue reading

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Snowden a Patriot?

I just saw, on the Fox News Radio website, the results of a poll taken by Reuters that shows that more Americans see the security leaker Edward Snowden as a patriot than a traitor. And I must say that, while … Continue reading

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Republican leadership complicit in Benghazi cover-up

When House Speaker John Boehner can get away with it, he appears to have a strong desire to cooperate with Democrats in Congress. And now here he is, with the committee chairs he has put in place, helping the Benghazi … Continue reading

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Was Mark Levin partly responsible for John Boehner’s glorious defeat?

Well, to Boehner, his defeat is embarrassing. But to me it is glorious. Last night, in the second hour of his radio, Mark Levin called for a “Levin surge.” He gave out the phone number for the congressional switchboard and … Continue reading

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