The IRS and the developing police state

It’s frustrating for those of us who can see the unfolding of a police state here in America because so few other people see it. Now yesterday we had these new rules being announced by the IRS to help squelch the political activities of 501(c)(4) groups that it disagrees with.

Last election cycle, the IRS successfully targeted Tea Party groups by throwing up obstacles and delaying their applications for tax exempt status. When the tactic was discovered, there was a lot of feigned outrage by Republicans in Congress over it. I say feigned outrage because among the Republican leadership there is a similar war against Tea Party groups that they attempt to keep under the radar. Mitch McConnell, for example, has launched a war against the like-minded Senate Conservatives Fund. So it’s hardly a surprise that we never got to the bottom of that scandal and there were never any teeth put into the IRS investigation. Republican leaders needed to look outraged, but the Republican establishment are showing that they are comfortable, in their hearts, with restrictions on free political speech, if it involves restrictions on constitutional conservatives.

But anyway, having been embarrassed by going beyond the rules to target conservatives, and thus thwarted in that effort, the regime is now taking a more insidious approach. And the attack is two-pronged. On the one hand, they are re-drawing the rules so that all political groups fall under that umbrella. Then it will be a fairly simple matter to let liberal groups slip through and not enforce the rules against them. Labor Unions are already exempt because they are a separate class.

But oh, you say, these restrictions on political speech are a violation of the First Amendment. True, but the Obama regime has covered itself here. Last week, the Senate abolished the filibuster in the confirmation process, which will clear the way for Obama packing the DC Circuit with leftist judges. Any challenges to the new IRS rules will have to go through the DC Circuit. See how this works? Obama has closed off our legal remedies. This is the second prong of the attack on free speech.

Clever, eh?

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