The mask coming off for Mitt Romney

I’m a big supporter of the Senate Conservatives fund. I give them money and I’m on their mailing list. I just got an e-mail from them announcing their first endorsement for the 2016 elections: Mike Lee for Senate in Utah. Senator Lee has been a conservative stalwart and one of the most outstanding members of the Senate. As a Latter-day Saint, he has also distinguished himself for courageously standing up for his faith in many settings.

You see, Mike Lee is a threat to the Republican establishment, and Romney forces are lining up behind a challenge to him. Spencer Zwick, Romney’s 2012 national finance chairman, recently pledged to work to defeat Senator Lee.

“Business leaders that I talk to,” said Zwick, “would never support his reelection and in fact will work against him, myself included.”

Many people labor under the illusion that the Chamber of Commerce is a conservative organization. No, they’re a trade organization that is dedicated in large measure toward gaining government largesse for its members. They have supported all the high-ticket bailouts for business, and supported Obama’s budget-busting trillion-dollar stimulus plan. And they are pushing for the importation of cheap labor through open borders and amnesty – so naturally they feel threatened by principled conservatives like Senator Lee. Big business needs pliable people, senators who can be swayed by lobbyists and contributions. Mike Lee has too much integrity for them.

Abby Huntsman, daughter of former liberal Republican Utah Governor Jon Huntsman, urged Josh Romney, Mitt Romney’s son, to run against Senator Lee next year.

I took some heat during the 2012 primaries for announcing that I’m LDS and not for Romney. You can see my blog posts tagged LDS and not for Romney, and Romney a moderate. And now he and his allies are taking his “moderation” a step further by trying to defeat conservatives. He took the very unusual step of getting involved in my local Arizona State Senate district, endorsing liberal Bob Worsley, whom I believe is corrupt, over his conservative challenger, Ralph Heap. If Mitt Romney or his family get involved in this effort to defeat one of the stars of the United States Senate, it will serve to further tarnish his carefully cultivated image of being a nice guy and a conservative.

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