Tolerance for Obama’s brazen lying

When Candy Crowley lied herself to defend Obama’s lie (see my earlier post on the Candy Crowley scandal), it was answering a question about Libya from undecided voter Kerry Ladka. A part of the story that hasn’t gotten much attention is that after the debate, Obama admitted to Mr. Ladka that he had lied.

Kerry Ladka appeared the following evening on Greta Van Susteren’s show, On the Record, and reported a personal exchange he had with the president. Here is the excerpt from that interview where he tells what the President said:

“He tried to explain that the reason he took so long between that initial announcement in the Rose Garden and about two weeks later when he formally announced it as an act of terrorism, that he wanted to be deliberate, that he did not want to make a mistake based on misinformation. He wanted accurate and true information because any action he took in any part of the world, including the Middle East, would have dire consequences.” – Kerry Ladka

Now others have pointed out that Obama and his spokespeople did not, as he alleges here, come out and hedge their statements, but they stated flatly that what happened in Libya was a response to the video.

But more stunning to me is that here, just moments before, Obama was trying to get the American people to believe that what they had heard several weeks ago they didn’t really hear. No, from the beginning he had called this a terrorist attack. And Candy Crowley jumps in to validate his lie. Now, he turns to this single voter and backtracks on the statement he just made. No, he tells Kerry Ladka, I didn’t state clearly that this was a terrorist attack, contrary to what I just told 50 million Americans, I actually did take two weeks before I called this an act of terrorism. And here is why.

And Mr. Ladka just swallows the whole thing.

And Greta, in her attempt to appear polite, reasonable, and impartial, doesn’t call him on it.


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