Vester Flanagan – planted and watered by the Left

Vester Flanagan is the real name of the shooter in Virginia who committed that horrible murder on live TV. We shouldn’t be surprised that this sort of thing is happening. We have had a year since Ferguson, Missouri in which African-Americans have been stirred up to anger as much as possible. The result is that we have people like Vester Flanagan (a.k.a. Bryce Williams) who develop a sense of victimhood and nurse it until it explodes.

As a Mormon, I relate this to similar happenings in the Book of Mormon. There it was tensions between the Lamanites and the Nephites, which were fanned and exploited by those seeking power. In our day it is tensions between blacks and whites that are fanned by certain people.

And so Vester Flanagan is the fruit of this effort. His sense of victimhood was planted by the Left. And over the past year we have had several incidents of tension between the races each twisted to maximize the sense of anger by African-Americans.

It is illustrative that this Vester Flanagan was once reprimanded by superiors for wearing an Obama button while doing a news story covering the 2012 elections.

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