Who Coined the Term "Mainstream Media"?

I get frustrated with the use of the term "Mainstream Media," and I would like to know who coined that term.

It makes it sound so appealing. No one wants to be out of the mainstream. It dignifies them far more than they deserve.

If there is anything they are not, it is mainstream. They are far left. Only 20% of the people will even identify with being Liberal, and, as a body, this media is further Left than your run-of-the-mill Liberal. Saying mainstream implies that they are where most of the people are. But most of the people in the country identify themselves as being conservative or moderately conservative.

And the media are corrupt. It's bias, it's corruption. They spike stories they don't like and promote bigger government through a distortion of the news.

Sarah Palin doesn't like the term "mainstream media," so she has coined the term "lamestream media." That's cute and helps get the point, but it's too cute to be in general usage.

Rush Limbaugh has coined a couple of terms to avoid saying "mainstream media." He calls them the "drive-by media" or the "state-controlled media." Both terms accurately describe various of their characteristics, but again are too cute to be used widely.

Let's call them the "establishment media." That is a more solid term that describes their position in society without dignifying them too much. They defend big government and the power brokers in society. Yes, that's what they should be called - the establishment media.




“The people never give up their liberties but under some delusion.”—Edmund Burke