The Global Warming Hoax


The Global Warming Hoax

The credibility of the global warming alarmists has suffered greatly in recent years. A Gallup poll taken in March 2010 showed that 48% of Americans now believe that the seriousness of global warming is exaggerated. Only a year ago, that number was 41%. In 1997, the first year that Gallup asked this question, the number was 31%.

But among the ruling class, there are strong pressures to go along with the alarmists. Their persuasion techniques are clearly heavy-handed. They don't really want to entertain any discussion of the matter. They clearly want to silence dissent and intimidate people into going along.

Carbon Recycling

Here's how I handle the environmentalists when they talk about carbon emissions. I tell them I believe in carbon recycling. Click the link to read how carbon recycling works.

My Views on Global Warming

And here is an outline of what I believe about global warming.

  1. I'm not entirely convinced that the globe is warming inexorably. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. I have an open mind on this.
  2. I look at these temperature graphs showing the rise in global temperatures since the 1800s and I laugh. You can't convince me that we know what the average global temperature was in 1880. Or even 1920. I'm not even sure that measurement data from the 1990s was accurately and honestly taken.
  3. If it is warming, I am fairly firmly convinced that it isn't warming as much as the global warming alarmists would have us believe.
  4. If it is warming, I do not believe it is caused by human activity.
  5. Even if it is caused by human activity, I don't believe that warming is necessarily bad. More people die each year from the cold than from the heat. Recent population migration in the United States is from colder to warmer climes. People generally wouldn't mind if the temperature were a little warmer. Yes, there may be some species of animals that could be threatened by slightly higher temperatures, but others may thrive.
  6. I am skeptical of any science that is politically driven, which is the case here. Especially when it is promoted by leftists.

My opinion.


“The people never give up their liberties but under some delusion.”—Edmund Burke