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Illegal Immigration

Why Is Illegal Immigration Filed under Politics?

One of the characteristics of the Left is that they cloak their agenda. They can't be honest, for example, about their desire to muzzle free speech, so they attack free speech with cloaked terms such as "The Fairness Doctrine," opposition to "Hate Speech," or more recently, "The Disclose Act." They try to take away the secret ballot for when employees vote whether or not to unionize with "The Employee Free Choice Act," which is constructed so as to allow union thugs to intimidate the employees and thus get their own way.

It is plain to anyone who follows the actions of the Left that their objective in promoting illegal immigration is to import more voters. These people who want to stretch the law, who come to take advantage of our welfare state, who flaunt their illegal status on the streets in demonstrations, and who refuse to properly assimilate into American culture - they are the type of people who are attracted to the messages of the Left, which include, "America is a defective nation," and, "You are entitled to the fruits of the labor of other men and women."

So can we cut through all the gamesmanship and discuss the real issue: Do we or do we not want to fundamentally alter the American culture? In other words, do we want immigrants to come here by the rules and become citizens by the rules? Do we want them to have to learn English, and to learn about our founding documents, gaining an appreciation for what makes America great? Or do we just want them to import their own culture and selectively encourage people who have a disposition to ignore the rules?

I heard an interesting lecture earlier this year at a Tea Party meeting. The speaker was a Mexican immigrant and a naturalized US citizen. She was a teacher and had many years of teaching illegal immigrants in classroom situations. She said that as a group they do not want to assimilate into American culture, and that many come with the attitude that as Mexicans, they are entitled to repossess the land that was acquired by the United States in the war with Mexico.

So let's be clear about the ground for which we're fighting. This is absolutely a political issue, and it is about transforming the electorate by creating more Democrat voters.


“The people never give up their liberties but under some delusion.”—Edmund Burke