Welcome to the Liberty Musings Blog

This is a blog of the political thoughts of David Hall of Mesa, Arizona. It is attached to my new website titled Liberty Musings.

I am an unapologetic conservative, a believer in limited, constitutional government, in free enterprise, in a strong national defense. I believe that the United States is the “shining city on the hill” of which Ronald Reagan spoke, and that we have a role in making the world a better, safer place for good peoples everywhere.

I believe in private property and personal liberty. I believe that government should respect both private property and personal liberty as much as possible, but that it also needs to balance private property rights and personal liberty with the promotion of morality, life and virtue. I believe that the free market is both the most fair way to distribute wealth and the best system for wealth creation. I believe that the natural tendency of government is to accumulate power, and the natural tendency of most men is to abuse that power. Therefore, citizens need to be vigilant in preserving their liberties or they will tend to gradually melt away.

Read through my thoughts. If you have comments to add, please feel free. There is a comment form at the end of every post.

By Dr. David Hall