Jack Lew on a favorite topic of Liberals – shutting down dissent

White House Chief of Staff Jack Lew appeared on Fox News Sunday to talk about Obamacare. And he made an interesting statement.

After basking in the victory – “When the Supreme Court rules, we have a final answer” – he goes on to lecture us about what we should and should not talk about. “I think the thing that the American people want is for the divisive debate on health care to stop.”

Yes, a favorite tactic of the Left. Stir up all kinds of trouble, be as divisive as you can possibly be, accuse others of racism, employ class warfare. And then come up with some tactic to get the opposition to shut up. No, Jack Lew wasn’t concerned at all about divisiveness when his party was shoving this bill down our throats against the outcry in town meetings all over the country.

I believe, though, that his words are not aimed at us, the people, but are an intimidation tactic he is using against linguini-spined Republicans in Congress, particularly Mitch McConnell and John Boehner. Words like that really seem to work with them. We need new Republican leadership. Oh, how we need it!

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