The shameless exploiting of the Gabrielle Giffords tragedy

It didn’t take long for the Left to try to take advantage of the Gabrielle Giffords shooting to try to twist it into an excuse to take away more of our liberties.

It’s absolutely despicable.

Conservatives, don’t let them get away with this.

Liberals are so uncomfortable with dissent. So their reaction was pretty well pre-determined. Someone shoots a Congresswoman, and the knee-jerk response is, “It’s the fault of those pesky Tea Party people.” “They really shouldn’t be saying the things they’re saying.”

Oops. Turns out that Jared Loughner, the shooter, is described by his high school classmate as a “left-wing pothead.” Oh, and he’s a student of Marx and Hitler. A leftist anti-semite.

But shutting down dissent, taking away our liberties, and controlling the population is so deeply ingrained in our political Left, and they are so frustrated with losing power, that an incident like this touches off their blind rage against conservatives.

The political violence in this country comes from both sides of the political spectrum, for sure, but is concentrated on the Left. The Unabomber, Saul Alinsky, the Weather Underground, the Communist Party – they’re all violent and leftist. But interestingly, when this violence flares up, I can’t remember ever hearing any inclination on the part of conservatives to silence dissent. But the chorus is resounding from the Left.

And Steny Hoyer talking about the increased vitriol and partisanship in the past two years. Really, Congressman? Back in the Bush era, everyone was so civil and so supportive of our Commander-in-Chief in wartime? But that’s how he views the world. Dissent by the Left is patriotic. Dissent by conservatives is vitriol.

Mr. Hoyer, it is you and your kind that are a threat to our republic, because, while you view your own right to dissent as sacred, you have little respect for the right we have to dissent against you.

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By Dr. David Hall. Dr. Hall runs Infinity Dental Web, a small company that does Internet marketing for dentists. He has had a long-standing interest in politics and as a college student toyed with the idea of a political career.
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2 Responses to The shameless exploiting of the Gabrielle Giffords tragedy

  1. M Zucker says:

    What an idiotic misinformed statement you write! The left wants to take away your liberties, huh? Liberals are uncomfortable with dissent, huh?

    You guys on the right just can’t stop lying. I am a liberal. We encourage dissent.
    The American Civil Liberties Union, a liberal organization that you guys are constantly maligning, encourages dissent and defends the right to express unpopular and unorthdox opinions no matter where it comes from on the political spectrum. On the other hand, you guys on the right refer to such civil liberties and the right to constitutionally protected freedoms as “treason”.

    And you’re so worried about “the Left” wanting to take away your liberties! What about the taken-away liberties of six deceased and a dozen wounded innocent people who were gunned down by a madman who clearly was movitated by right-wing crazy Sarah Palin and others who want to “target” people that they disagree with?

    Get a life, chum. That’s more than what Loughner granted! That’s what’s despicable, not liberals or centrists or even those scattered conservatives who condemn Saturday’s horrific murders and near-murders.

    You can’t remember any inclination on the part of conservatives trying to silence dissent? Here’s where you can find it, chum: just read your own blog that this statement responds to!
    – M Zucker

    Response by David Hall,
    Wow! I really touched a nerve! Like I can almost see smoke coming from my computer screen!

    This folks, is the calm, reasoned Left on display. We don’t need any evidence – Jared Loughner was motivated by listening to Sarah Palin. It is so clear, isn’t it!

    Oops, we found a copy of The Communist Manifesto in his room.

  2. Mike Finley says:

    Saul Alinsky was violent?

    What liberties are you worried will vanish — the right of crazy people to have guns?
    – Mike Finley

    Response from David Hall:
    Saul Alinsky wasn’t personally violent, and neither was Karl Marx, but they were both agitators. Alinsky advocated sowing discord, jealousy, and de-stabilizing society. That incites violence. It’s part and parcel of the philosophy of the Left – class envy and all that goes with it.

    As far as the liberties that are at risk, try the right to keep my own property, the right to use incandescent light bulbs, the right to decide myself if I want to buy health insurance, the right for me and my family to make decisions on life-saving medical care without the intervention of a government bureaucrat, the right to drain swampland on my own property, our right to access natural resources like oil, coal, and natural gas, the right to start a business without being buried by government regulations, the right to not be fondled by government agents, and on and on. I still have a hard time wrestling with this idea that you liberals somehow think that you are promoting liberty when you grow the government without bounds. We try to pin you down and ask what power you don’t think the government has, and you can’t give an answer.

    And if they weren’t currently checked by conservatives, you can be sure that Liberals would use the occasion of this tragedy to encroach on us a little bit more. Yes, it would probably be an encroachment on our right to keep and bear arms, which is enshrined in the Constitution. And it would extend to getting conservatives off the airwaves. But they would dress up the silencing of dissent as something noble, like “The Fairness Doctrine,” “Net Neutrality,” or “prohibiting hate speech.”

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