Chris Christie’s sabotage of the election

Was it Chris Christie’s rescue of Obama’s image over Hurricane Sandy that cost the Republicans the election?

We can’t say for absolute sure, but it’s looking like that may be the case. Dick Morris calls it “Christie’s fawning promotion of Obama’s presidential leadership” and credits him with helping turn the tide, when the momentum was favoring Romney. And exit polls by CBS News say that for a full 41% of those polled, Obama’s response to Hurricane Sandy was an important factor or the most important factor in their decision. That’s huge.

I have heard conservatives call Christie’s gratuitous effusive praise of Obama’s symbolic response to the hurricane “unforgivable.” I wouldn’t go that far, because I believe strongly in forgiveness. So I’ll forgive Governor Christie. But I won’t trust him. And I won’t vote for him if he seeks the presidency.

(See my earlier post – Chris Christie – not to be trusted.)

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