Elena Kagan’s America

How I wish that some Republican in the Senate had had the guts to stand up and give a speech painting a picture of Elena Kagan’s America, because it’s an ugly picture.

In Elena Kagan’s America:

The government would be carefully watching our diets, so that we didn’t burden our health care system. Our menu for the day would be broadcast on National Public Radio. Fast food restaurants would be banned, except in Washington, DC. Government bureaucrats would have access to our medical data, and our body mass would be regulated with a “fat tax.”

Thermostats in our homes would be set by the government. We would be required to drive electric cars, and then only for necessary travel. Vacations would be allowed, but we could only use mass transit.

We would need to apply to the government for permission to have children, and would be limited to only one child, if we were approved for parenthood. And those children would be brought up in government-run daycare centers where they could be taught proper values.

The role of the military would be limited to humanitarian missions. Criticism of Muslims would be prohibited as hate speech.

Similarly, criticism of homosexual practices would be prosecuted as hate speech and no minister who refused to marry homosexuals would be allowed to perform any marriages.

Costly medical procedures that extend life would be severely limited, and their use would require government approval. Research for new drugs would stop.

Business franchises would be dispensed by the government, and only to those people whose political and social views were deemed helpful to the purposes of the government.

Thugs would be allowed to monitor polling places to insure the proper outcome of elections.

Oh, you say, David, you are going too far with this. None of this is possible, not in America. But I say, open your eyes. The seeds for all of this government regulation have been planted. Liberals no longer consider the Constitution to give any restraints to government power. And Elena Kagan has already demonstrated that she agrees with many of these liberal positions. The rest of the positions are held by many in the elitist circles in which she circulates, so it is not difficult to imagine how she would govern were she unrestrained. She has shown a loathing of the military. She let it be known in her hearings that she felt that Congress had the power, if it chose to do so, to regulate our diet. Statists in other countries have already begun regulating the bearing of children and you know there are elitists in our country who would love to have the power to limit family size and to control what children are taught. In some of her writings, Elena Kagan has indicated that she thinks the government can regulate speech when it is in the public interest. Our federal justice department has already established that it will allow voter intimidation at the polls when it favors the right candidate. After the government takeover of General Motors, dealerships were closed based on racial and political preferences. The mechanism for eliminating costly medical procedures has been put in place by the current Congress, and a man has been put in charge of that who believes strongly in the rationing of care.

We are not really that far away from seeing a blossoming of Elena Kagan’s America, unless we step up to oppose the current onslaughts against freedom.

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By Dr. David Hall. Dr. Hall runs Infinity Dental Web, a small company that does Internet marketing for dentists. He has had a long-standing interest in politics and as a college student toyed with the idea of a political career.
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