Gay marriage advocates and their intolerance of religion

I saw a posting on today that got my attention. There is a photograph of a sign at St. Francis Xavier church that says, “Two men are friends not spouses.” Next to the sign is a handwritten sign tacked to a wooden fence that says, “You may not be welcome in this church, but ALL people are welcome in this community! Spread LOVE, not hate!!!!.”

Here is the question as I see these two signs: “Which sign is actually advocating hate and people not being welcome?”

A clue may come from the comments of Vanessa Raymond, who is the one who posted the sign. She says, “I posted this sign and balloon today…I HAD to! I will not tolerate this behavior in my community, no matter who or where it comes from. I had NO IDEA this would gain nationwide press, but I am glad that my small action prompted this uproar…I am planning a peaceful “protest” Sunday morning…check my FB page for further info! THanks for all the support! (Love a Straight-spiritual-yet-not-religious-believer-in-what-is-right!)”

So here is something really interesting. The sign is about love and tolerance and EVERYONE being welcome in her community. But her explanation of the sign is about intolerance, causing an uproar, and Christians not being welcome in her community.

You see, it’s exactly as I called it when I posted a few days ago, saying that legalizing gay marriage will unleash a torrent of intolerance. The push to re-define marriage as including homosexual relationships is not about rights and tolerance, it’s about shutting people up because what they say makes certain people uncomfortable. The tolerance rhetoric is a mask.

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