Global warming alarmists becoming unhinged

So we’re just finishing a brutally cold winter. And we have news that global temperatures have been steady since 2001. But global warming alarmists are actually getting more strident and shrill. John Kerry is calling climate change “the world’s most fearsome weapon of mass destruction.” And Senate Democrats last week held their all-nighter to try to help stir up the fear.

It appears that most people watching this are unimpressed. A survey taken in 2012 shows that only 35% of people actually believe their central claim that “most scientists believe that global warming is happening.” (See this bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, beginning at line 164.)

I stand somewhat awe-struck over the response of the Left as their global warming models continue to lose credibility. They have switched their rhetoric so that they now talk about “climate change” rather than global warming, attempting to attribute all weather extremes to carbon dioxide. This is an assertion that not only has no scientific evidence to back it up, it has absolutely no scientific rationale. And yet they continue to assert that there is overwhelming scientific consensus on their side.

The above-referenced bulletin of the American Meteorological Society contains a survey of meteorologists. In that survey, a bare majority, 52%, report believing that there is global warming that is mostly caused by humans – hardly a consensus. But the Left has pivoted from “global warming” to “climate change,” a pivot that has the support of no significant number of scientists at all. And yet they continue to try to claim that the debate is over. But on the issue of “climate change” – that is, that hurricanes, droughts, floods, tornadoes, or other extremes of weather, are caused by increased levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, there has never been any debate. The idea that these extremes in weather are at all related to carbon dioxide – that idea is one that is completely invented, totally unscientific, and absolutely without foundation.


(P.S. – Check out my page on carbon recycling, where I explain that the source of the carbon in fossil fuels is originally the atmosphere, so the burning of fossil fuels is the act of returning this carbon to the atmosphere. This underscores the ridiculousness of the claim that putting this carbon into the atmosphere would destroy the earth, because that’s where it came from.)

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