Privatizing Social Security – Don’t back down, conservatives!

A tactic being used by liberal Democrats in the upcoming election cycle is scaring people by saying that conservative candidates want to “privatize” social security.

They make it sound so scary. When we examine the proposals, however, conservatives merely want to give people a choice about how their social security money is invested, giving them an opportunity to get a higher return.

I fear that wimpy Republicans will be scared into backing down on this issue. But if it is explained, it has the potential to be a slam-dunk issue for them. Here’s how I think it should be handled.

First of all, liberals are lying when they say conservatives want to privatize social security. Bush’s proposal and others I have heard all leave the Federal government in the administrative role in the program. And no one will be forced to convert their government account to a private account. It’s a scare tactic and a lie. What the proposals aim to do is to give people a choice. Use the word “personalize.” The proposals are to “personalize” social security.

And this is a great opportunity to drive the point home about the basic difference between liberals, or statists, and conservatives. We want to give people ownership of their own social security account, where statists want the account to be government owned. Turn the scare tactic right around on them.

Look, most younger people do not expect to be able to receive social security. So emphasize that conservatives want to grant them ownership of their social security account. With talk of unsustainability, of deep government debt, and stories of states and cities maybe going bankrupt, having ownership of your own social security account rather than letting the government own it would be tremendously comforting.

Stay on offense, conservatives! Don’t back down.

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