Roger Clemens – another misstep for Eric Holder’s Justice Department

Prosecutorial overreach in the Roger Clemens case and in the John Edwards case, and now trouble over Fast and Furious – it hasn’t been a good year for the Eric Holder Justice Department.

But singling out the Roger Clemens case, I’m not sure why it delighted me so to see him go free. I’m a law and order guy. I hate lying. I kind of think he may have been lying about the performance-enhancing drugs. But it always struck me as so hypocritical for anyone in the Justice Department or in Congress for that matter to get their noses bent out of shape over someone lying to Congress. Eric Holder, after all, has created institutional lying to Congress in his department. And ditto for Congress lying to us. Baseline budgeting, for example, is a way for them to say they are cutting the budget when they are actually growing it.

And I had the same type of peculiar feelings about John Edwards. Oh, he is as sleazy as they come. Cheating on your wife while you are making such a public show of your devotion while she is dying of cancer – you can’t get lower than that. Unless it is posing as a crusader for the poor while you’ve made a career of being an ambulance chaser and then moving from that into fleecing the American taxpayer. But I agreed with Mark Levin when he declared when this trial started that the Holder Justice Department was overreaching here and that what Edwards did, as sleazy as it was, wasn’t illegal.

So I puzzle a little over the glee I feel when the prosecutors got their lunch handed to them in both of these cases. I guess that among my strongest hates are people in positions of power who start feeling holier-than-thou and start trying to throw their weight around and target others. That is right up there with five-star despicable. Eric Holder, John Edwards – I can’t decide who is worse. And I can easily imagine Eric Holder’s prosecutors having a real nasty streak, considering who they work for. So I love seeing them lose.

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