Immigration reform – something going on behind the scenes here

In the closing minutes of the Mark Levin Show on Friday, Congressman Steve King of Iowa called in to warn us about this immigration bill, specifically the Corker Amendment which was proposed on Friday. He had just discovered a provision in the amendment which prohibits an employer from using the e-verify system to check the immigration status of employees who have already been hired. That’s crazy. And there are a number of other things buried in this 1100-page amendment, which led Congressman King to comment on this bill and the amendment, “There’s something else going on behind the scenes that I can’t figure out.” It’s mind-boggling. This bill and the Corker Amendment is political suicide for Republicans, and yet the Republican leadership is pushing the bill. Why?

The very idea that a 1100-page amendment would be dumped on the Senate on a Friday and a vote scheduled on Monday is corrupt. I guess with this, just like with Obamacare, they expect Senators to enact it so that they can discover what’s in it. How can they call this a representative republic and not give the people they represent time to digest proposed legislation so that their input can be weighed? Clearly they don’t care what we think, which is a total corruption of representative government. A bill of this magnitude needs a good year for think tanks and other entities to plow through the language, figure out what it means and what will happen if it is implemented, and properly advise the people and their representatives. They don’t want that, so they’re giving us a weekend. This is a surprise attack, not representative government. The amendment had to be part of the strategy of this bill from the beginning. You can’t tell me that this 1100-page amendment of this was just drafted in response to the progress of the debate. The language is way too complex and would require months of research and writing. It had to have been drafted a long time ago and planned as a last-minute surprise attack.

Congressman King went on, as he explained to Mark Levin: “This is so bad. I can’t hold myself back on this. And I watch this and it’s hard for me to believe that people who have been elected to behold their best judgment and their best effort to God and country and their constituents, how they can with a straight face say that this is going to fix something.”

Further on, he said, “If this comes through, they will have destroyed the rule of law completely at least with regard to immigration.” Mark answered, “I think you’re right. I think you’re right. Because the politics, which is exactly what this is about and cheap labor. We know exactly what’s going on here. Cheap labor – that’s why the corporatists and crony capitalists want it. More union dues-paying members – that’s why the big unions want it. The Democrats see this as a permanent majority, and the Republicans are running scared as usual.”

Earlier in the show, Mark Levin read a provision of the Corker Amendment. Buried within the text of the amendment is a seemingly innocuous provision: “Section F – Applicability of Certain Grounds of Inadmissibility. In determining an alien’s inadmissibility under this section, section 2 1 2 a 9 b of the Immigration and Nationality Act 8 USC 1182 a 9 b shall not apply.” What this little sentence means, however, is powerful. Current law requires that those in the country who overstay their visas would have to return to their home country and re-start the immigration process, or be deported. This sentence wipes that out. Any worker in the country can get a green card and still be eligible for citizenship even if they overstay their visa, forever more. In other words, there is no longer any enforcement mechanism against anyone who overstays their visa.

Mark Levin summed it up this way: “Just look at the sleazy timing of this whole thing.” That’s it. Corrupt. Sleazy. Something going on here behind the scenes that we can’t completely figure out.

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