This isn’t immigration reform – it’s comprehensive Democrat importation

Those who know me well know how visceral is my hatred of pretense. And a whole lot of pretense is what we have in this debate over what almost everyone is calling immigration reform. They all have to know that what the Democrats are angling for is more voters. Attract them with government handouts, let them come over the border legally, illegally, however, let them vote by fighting voter identification laws, and, for those who are squeamish about voting illegally, make them citizens. They all know that these Latino immigrants, as a rule, love big government, and if they can circumvent the assimilation process that occurs with legal immigration and avoid the schooling in our American heritage, so much the better.

Even the Republican leadership is going along with this. Here’s what I would like them to do. Draw a line in the sand, and say that there can be a pathway to legalization but not a pathway to citizenship. Let these illegal immigrants come out of the shadows, as they like to put it. Take away their stigma. Just say that, if you’ve come here illegally you can have all these benefits except one – you won’t be allowed to vote. The Democrats will fight that till they bleed, but at least it will help bring their motives out in the open where they belong. They’re not for compassion, they’re not anti-racist, they just want more voters.

And it takes Senators like Ted Cruz to tell it like it is. He has proposed this pathway to legalization. But the Republican leadership just wants to go along with the Democrats on this. I guess it’s because deep in their hearts they really like big government, too, because that’s where this is all going.

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