A Mormon not for Romney for President

Monday evening, Special Report’s 12 in 2012 series featured Mitt Romney, and his likely 2012 run for┬áPresident.

I was for Romney in 2008 and supported him in the Republican caucuses in Colorado. But not this year.

To me, he crashed and burned over his Romneycare.

It’s not that he pushed this through in Massachusetts, it’s his blindness in how he continues to defend it.

They played his answer on Special Report, and it’s so weak. He talks like there is a difference of night and day between Romneycare and Obamacare because his was a state program and Obamacare is federal, where health care isn’t a legitimate function of the federal government.

Mitt, that is so WEAK! So what you are saying is that you want to keep the federal government from forcing me to buy insurance and driving up the cost of health care, but you want each state to come in then and do the exact same thing. You totally lost me with that position. There is a lot wrong with government-run healthcare, and to me which level of government does it, that’s a minor point.

Mitt, you’re a great man, a great leader. You did wonders with the Olympics and all those failing companies you turned around. But I think that history just maneuvered you out of this job. The battle in 2012 is to repeal Obamacare, and your trumpet gives an uncertain sound. I hate to say that to a brother in the Gospel, but that’s how I feel.

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