Can Obama ignore the court’s ruling on Obamacare?

The chutzpah of the Obama administration is stunning. Judge Roger Vinson rules Obamacare unconstitutional, and they act as if nothing has happened.

I’d like to deal with this logic that says that the administration can go on implementing the law because this was just one judge and there have been four judges weigh in on the constitutionality of the law, two on each side.

First of all, this ruling is different in that it has voided the entire law and indicated that the judge expects the federal government to obey the ruling and not implement it. There is no other judge that has ordered that the federal government continue implementing the law, so there is no contradiction between this ruling and that of any other judge.

Second, it is reasonable and fair that if the constitutionality of this law is in question, then we halt implementing it until that matter is decided. Yes, it makes Obama unhappy. They want enough water to go under the bridge so that it gets more and more difficult to undo what they have done. But the reasonable and fair thing to do is to pause and let this issue be decided in the courts before committing any more resources to it.

Third, this reasoning that because this is just one judge the administration doesn’t have to listen to him is absolutely wrong. If you follow that logic, then you have to say that the administration doesn’t have to appeal. Why would they have to appeal, if they can ignore the ruling? They could just say, “No, we have another judge who disagrees with this, so we’ll just act as if nothing happened.” They wouldn’t appeal, and they would be off the hook.

Turn this matter around to Arizona’s SB 1070. A single federal judge declared it unconstitutional. Implementation has been held up untilĀ all appeals are exhausted. That is how things are done in an orderly and civil society. What would the establishment media say if Arizona simply found another judge somewhere who agreed that the law is constitutional, and went ahead and implemented it? They would scream to high heaven.

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