Cease and desist implementing Obamacare

This afternoon we learned that US District Judge Roger Vinson struck down the entire Obamacare law as unconstitutional.

I agree with the ruling. If it is held that the Federal Government can order us to purchase health insurance, it is hard to also hold that it has any limitations on its power. But there’s another interesting point that Mark Levin brought up in his radio program tonight, and that is whether or not the Obama administration will obey the court order.

Levin quoted from page 79 of the ruling, where the judge addresses whether or not he should also issue an injunction against implementation of the law. He states that would be redundant, that the declaratory judgment rendered in the ruling is sufficient to prevent implementation of the law. Quoting, Judge Vinson writes: “As a result, the declaratory judgment is the functional equivalent of an injunction.” Later he states: “…it must be presumed that federal officers will adhere to the law as declared by the court.”

Interesting. But the media is so on the side of the administration here, that even if the Obama administration defies the court, I believe they will largely get away with it. There would be some protests, but not a groundswell, I believe. Levin makes the point that a Republican president could never get away with this, but would likely be impeached over the issue. I think we’ll get a chance to see whether Obama can get away with contempt of court.

And I liked Mark Levin’s challenge to the Republicans in the House of Representatives. He challenged them to subpoena the Secretary of HHS and ask her to testify under oath as to whether or not she will obey this court order.

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