Barb Parker’s email about Bob Worsley and Russell Pearce

I got this email from Barb Parker last night. It sounds like she’s the originator of it, though it doesn’t say that clearly. But she asked that it be passed around as much as possible, and I agree with it, so I thought I’d pass it on here. Here’s the transcript, pretty much verbatim, with a little condensing by me and a side comment:

So I opened an email that I got from Bob Worsley. He’s the wealthy man that was recruited to run against Sen. Russell Pearce by some folks who really don’t like Russell’s conservative record on the issues. In the email is a screen grab picture of a video that Worsley’s campaign put out claiming that Russell Pearce is a “one note” legislator, which I noticed because it was the same talking point that Randy Parraz uses. While I wasn’t surprised to see them reading from the same script—Parraz was the very liberal Democrat organizer who ran the anti-Pierce campaign last year—this screen grab was a picture of all the issues we were told Worsley would work on. His claim was that these were things Russell Pearce wasn’t working on. So I did a little fact checking on Worsley’s claims and here is what I found.

[Note the issues this ad lists, with the implication that Worsley will work on these while Pearce didn’t: Education, Family, Economy, Lower Taxes, Jobs, Cut Spending. The false implication is that Russell Pearce didn’t do anything here. So Barb Parker sets the record straight.]

The Russell Pearce record

Education – Golden Apple Award winner for his work on education.
Family – A lifelong 100% rating on pro-life and pro-family issues. Pierce led the legislative effort to put the protect marriage amendment on the Arizona ballot. Perfect scores on the Arizona Right to Life and Center for Arizona Policy scorecards. Endorsed in all of his races by Arizona right to life.
Economy – Great ratings from groups like Chambers of Commerce, NFIB, etc. Ranked #1 by Americans for Prosperity.
Lower Taxes -Awarded “Hero of the Taxpayer” by the American Tax Reform Association. Led the passage of the largest tax cuts in Arizona history.
Jobs – As Senate President, he led the passage of Arizona’s Jobs Bill that has been credited with taking Arizona from almost last in the nation in job creation to a top-10 ranking.
Cut Spending – As Chairman of the Appropriations Committee, Pearce has the best record of any legislator on record when it comes to cutting spending. And as Senate President, he inherited Janet Napolitano’s $3 billion deficit and balanced our budget without borrowing, gimmicks, or new taxes. Today, that deficit is gone and the surplus is more than $600 million.

So in other words, everything Worsley claims he will be good on is stuff Russell Pearce has already been fantastic on. Pierce is a champion on these things while Worsley thinks we’re too dumb to notice. And all of this stuff I’ve put here doesn’t include all of the other stuff Pierce has done, like his A+ NRA rating and his passing of constitutional carry or his work in putting the Arizona civil rights initiative on the ballot.

While Russell Pearce was working hard for us in exchange for $24,000 a year, Bob Worsley was off making a lot of money. I actually think that is great and I’m glad we have people like Russell protecting the free market system that lets people like Bob Worsley succeed. But I’m bothered that Worsley has promised to spend several hundred thousand dollars on this race and that he is using that money to tell half-truths and out right fibs. It is going to be up to regular voters to spread the truth around and make sure that our friends and neighbors aren’t suckered in by his false claims. So pass this on to your friends and let’s defend the truth and Russell!

Anyway, that’s the Barb Parker email. I would add this comment. Russell Pearce enraged the Left by crafting and engineering the passage of the brilliant Arizona immigration law, which, if implemented, defeats their national strategy of non-enforcement. Their goal is to dilute the electorate by allowing people to become de facto citizens without proper assimilation—without having to learn about our constitution and our founding principles. And all this is to make it easier for them to undermine the concept of limited government upon which our nation was founded. He has been targeted. Letting the Left win this will only serve to intimidate other legislators so that no one with this kind of political courage stands up against their interests like this again. We cannot let them succeed. Just as the defeat of the recall effort in Wisconsin sent a spine-stiffening message to conservative governors all over the country, we must send a similar spine-stiffening message to ours and other state legislatures by not tossing Russell Pearce aside. This is important!

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  1. Zach says:

    Russell and the Querard clan are on the way out, and Arizona will be better for it.

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