Global warming – we’re being ruled by people with their heads in la-la-land

The scene was a hearing at the US Senate Subcommittee on Energy and Power. EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson was the witness. They were talking about global warming. Sen. Inhofe was asking the questions.

Sen. Inhofe is known for his references to global warming theories as a hoax. He and other Republicans are pushing a bill that will re-assert the authority of Congress to make laws, and not the EPA, pushing back plans of the EPA to regulate carbon emissions, authority that the Congress never gave it.

The article from The Tulsa World, which I linked above, had a couple of interesting comments from the Democrats. “Jackson and Democrats on the panel argued the debate over science is over.” That, my friends, is a statement that places them all deep in la-la-land. They would like the debate to be over, because they’re losing it – that’s the real truth. Rasmussen Reports tells us that in their most recent poll, only 40% of Americans believe global warming is caused by human activity, a number which has been seriously dwindling for years.

But to me, the most interesting comment was by Ms. Jackson: “Politicians overruling scientists on a scientific question, that would become part of this committee’s legacy.”

You know, if Washington would just get its hands off this issue and let science be science, I think we’d be okay. But we have these intimidation tactics, which really and their heart are coming from leftists’ abject fear that the truth is finally getting out. And for years we have had politicians dangling grant money in front of scientists to get them to go along with this. And we have had people like those at East Anglia University trying frantically to stomp out research reports that disagree with their desired conclusions. But even with all that, there is a growing chorus of climatologists speaking out against these fantasy theories.

Here’s what I think on the subject:

1. I’m not sure the earth is warming any more. I think it has plateaued out.
2. Even if it is warming, I don’t believe that’s a bad thing. Yes, even in Arizona, I don’t think another degree warmer would really be that significant. And there are more people killed each year from cold than from warmth.
3. Even if it were warming, and even if it were a problem, I don’t believe that humans are causing it.
4. Even denying allĀ of the above, including that humans are having some effect, we would not be able to roll it back without destroying modern civilization.

But maybe, on point #4, maybe that is the point. Is that why the marxists are behind this?

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