Is Donald Trump damaging the Republican brand?

So Rush Limbaugh today quoted some of the establishment Republicans who are having a fit about Donald Trump. George Will on Fox News Sunday said, “If Donald Trump were a Democratic mole placed in the Republican Party to disrupt things, how would his behavior be different? I don’t think it would be.” Jeb Bush, at a campaign event in New Hampshire on Saturday said, “He doesn’t represent the Republican Party or its values.”

I think the reason they are in such a tizzy over Trump is because THEY don’t really represent the Republican Party grass roots. The grass roots, for example, is dead set against encouraging any more illegal immigration. Congressional Republicans, in every Congress, pressured by the Chamber of Commerce, try to push through some type of amnesty. Every time, the grass roots rise up, the phone lines melt, and Congress backs off.

George Will, I think a better case could be made for Jeb Bush being a Democratic mole in the Republican party. Listen to any of these liberal pundits and who do they prefer as a candidate? Jeb. Why? Because he’s Democrat light and I’m sure for some of them because he would lose against practically any Democrat you would put up.

No, Jeb, George, and you others, you have demonstrated that it is YOUR type of Republican that damages the Republican brand. When Bush 41 raised taxes, he damaged the brand. When you moderates were pushing through more government programs while George W was president, you lost the Congress for us. When you go Democrat light, support and enthusiasm for Republicans drains away.

Donald Trump is not on my list of preferred candidates. I’m not sure I trust him. But he is clearly speaking to a sizeable segment of the American people who are tired of these establishment politicians in both parties trying to ram through legislation against their will. Look at Trump’s poll numbers – those are real voters.

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