Is Jimmy Carter lying about Islam or just ignorant?

Rush Limbaugh today commented on this amazing interview that Jimmy Carter had with Marc Lamont Hill of the Huffington Post. What is amazing is its apparent total misunderstanding of Islam. How to correct all of this? I keep thinking: So many errors, so little time.

Error #1 – Islam is a religion of peace.
Fact – While there are many peace-loving Muslims, the religion was founded on violence. Mohammed did battle to establish him and his followers first in Medina, then in other areas of Arabia. After the death of Mohammed, Islam continued to spread by conquest.

Error #2 – Islamic leaders have been condemning what has happened, just like the rest of the world.
Fact – Yes, the leaders do mouth the words, but by their actions they show that they sympathize with the terrorists. For example, Turkish President Tayyip Erdo─čan has given strong support to terrorists in his own country and abroad. (See the article, 7 ways Turkey was the biggest terrorism hypocrite in Paris, by the American Enterprise Institute.) The same for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

Error #3 – Beliefs of Muslims are very similar to Christians.
Fact – The Koran calls Christians evil and condones killing them, simply for their beliefs.

Errors #4 and #5 – The problem is a few radicals who are misled.
Fact – They are not “few” nor are they “misled.” Those whom Carter calls “radicals” are actually those who take the Koran literally. The moderates are those who have modified the teachings to conform with a sense of tolerance and peace. And the radicals are not just a tiny minority. Radical thought dominates the Muslim cleric community. In later posts I will bring out some of the thinking advocated by what could be considered mainstream Muslim clerics. Look at the popularity of Osama Bin Laden t-shirts in these Muslim-dominated areas—that should disabuse you of the notion that this thinking represents a tiny minority of Muslims.

Error #6 – These attacks may stimulate people to learn more about Islam, which will decrease Islamophobia.
Fact – Islam is maybe best served by people who don’t understand it quite so well. I recently finished reading the Koran, and it is actually quite a scary book. If I could ascribe a theme to it, it is “believe, or else.” If you don’t believe Mohammed, it says, not only are you going straight to hell, but the earth needs to be wiped clean of you infidels. If you believe, however, God is merciful, lenient, even indulgent, and a beautiful paradise awaits you. And it says that over and over and over again. It’s the main theme of the book.

Error #7 – The whole tone of Carter’s comments are that there’s nothing to worry about here. “Just go back to bed, sweetheart, everything here will fix itself and it’ll be gone in the morning.”
Fact – Radical Islam has declared war on the West. While right now they’re tending to focus on getting rid of the Jews, their target is Western civilization and they want to turn the whole world into an Islamic caliphate. Islam has come close to conquering the world twice now in world history, and they show no signs of ever giving up on that goal.

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