Megyn Kelly’s damaged credibility

The thing is, I’m not really that fond of Donald Trump. Oh, I love what he is saying and how the media are so flummoxed by what he is saying. I love the way he fights. And I would definitely prefer him over Jeb Bush, who is the weakest candidate the Republican establishment has put forth in quite some time. But he’s in the casino business–not exactly the paragon of virtue. And there are so many excellent Republican candidates.

But Megyn Kelly really hurt herself in this debate Thursday night. She was in attack mode, which I thought was entirely inappropriate for a debate moderator. And she did not represent her loaded premises fairly. Let’s delve a little bit.

Megyn asked Donald, “You once told a contestant on Celebrity Apprentice that it would be a pretty picture to see her on her knees. Does that sound like the temperament of a man we should elect as president?”

What makes this question extra nasty is that the quote from Trump was twisted into a sexual innuendo when the context was actually quite innocent. The contestant referred to, who has since praised Trump, saying, “I’ve always had a positive experience around Donald.” Donald made the comment about the contestant reportedly dropping to her knees to beg for a chance to have a certain role. See the video posted on The Gateway Pundit for the context.

Now I want to say that for the vast majority of what it reports, I find Fox News to be truly fair and balanced. And they’re the only major news network that doesn’t have a major scandal in its recent history. However, there are exceptions at Fox when the Republican establishment gets into the sleazy. In those situations, Fox gets into shading the truth and covering up. Two examples. In the 2014 primaries, Mississippi Senator Thad Cochran, who deserved to be retired, was challenged by solid, quality conservative candidate Chris McDaniel. Not only did Carl Cameron give very one-sided reporting of an alleged scandal involving the McDaniel campaign, but Fox then failed to report on the sleazy tactics employed by the money raised by Mitch McConnell which dragged Cochran over the finish line by a slim margin. Then more recently, when Ted Cruz rightly accused Mitch McConnell of a dramatic lie in order to get the Export-Import Bank re-authorized, Brit Hume did a hit piece on Cruz not addressing the substance of what he said, mind you, but accusing him of hypocrisy and political motives.

So I was interested when yesterday I learned that on the afternoon of the debate, Rush Limbaugh had reported that orders had gone out from big-time Republican donors that they wanted Trump taken out in the debate. Rush thought it was the other candidates who were asked to do it, but concluded, after the debate, that the orders went to Fox.

So it’s all starting to fit together somewhat, the long knives that come out at Fox when the Republican establishment feels threatened. There’s something going on behind the scenes there to defend the Republican establishment. It’s troubling. The corrupt left-wing media (NBC, CNN, New York Times, etc.) doesn’t want to take out the Republican establishment, no, not when it is conservatives who stand to gain. And Fox won’t expose them, either. So their scandals and sleazy tactics go unreported.

But Fox is still my favorite news channel.

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