Michele Bachmann’s “slip-up” on the embassy in Iran

It was widely reported last week that Michele Bachmann had made some reference to her idea that the United States shouldn’t have an embassy in Iran, as if she didn’t know that the United States hasn’t had an embassy in Iran. Check the blog posting on ABC News to see how it has been handled, and this same treatment is repeated by most of the news outlets.

And then they publish her response.

But it’s interesting – they don’t publish her entire response. If they did, they would reveal that this wasn’t a slip-up at all, but a matter of taking her comments out of context. In an interview Michele Bachmann had recently on Mark Levin’s radio show, she explains the entire story. It turns out that the NBC reporter that filed the story had been present when Congresswoman Bachmann was speaking about this subject during the preceding 24 hours and three times┬áheard her reference the fact that there was not a US Embassy in Iran, but he still took as his story line that she didn’t know there was an embassy in Iran.

The Mark Levin interview, by the way, was a great interview. Levin is clearly a Bachmann fan and is in favor of her getting the Republican nomination. Click here to hear Mark Levin interview Michele Bachmann. Where she explains what NBC News did starts at the 7:20 mark.

This is important, because we have conservatives vying for the Republican nomination who rise to the top and then, because of gaffes or other problems, start to sink, and it’s important to know that Michele Bachmann has not stumbled in this race. Yes, she had had a couple of minor slip-ups, but no true gaffe as others have had. This attempt to create the impression that she is factually challenged is truly vile, and is a measure of the degree to which the establishment truly fears her.

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