Progress of the Liberty Amendments in Arizona

Back in November I wrote a post about Mark Levin’s new book, The Liberty Amendments. In it, he proposes that the states call a convention for the purpose of amending the US Constitution. This is a provision that was placed in our constitution for just such a time as we have now, when the federal government would be out of control. In such a situation, the framers reasoned, Congress would be part of the problem. Therefore, they put into the Constitution, in Article V, this mechanism that allowed the states to reform the government by amending the Constitution without requiring the participation of Congress.

This is clearly an idea whose time has come. Thus I was particularly concerned when I heard on Mark Levin’s radio show that Arizona Senate President Andy Biggs has been blocking action on this.

So several days ago, I wrote to my state legislators asking them their position on this. I am in Legislative District 25, so my state senator is Bob Worsley, and my representatives are Justin Olson and Justin Pierce. I’m worried that Bob Worsley is going to be against this. He is an establishment Republican type who was put up as a candidate to help unseat the courageous patriot Russell Pearce. He has not yet replied. Senator Worsley, where do you stand on this?

I did hear back from both Justin Pierce and Justin Olson, who both assured me that they are in favor of this proposal. Justin Olson told me that there are two Article V bills scheduled for hearing in his committee in the House the week of February 10.

And then I wanted to give a special shout out to Senator Kelli Ward. Back in December, state legislators from around the country met in Mt. Vernon in a gathering they dubbed the Mount Vernon Assembly. Senator Ward circulated a copy of Mark Levin’s book at the meeting and got their signatures in it and sent it back to Mark Levin as a thank-you.

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