Republican Corruption and the Immigration Bill

They’re trying to ram through this immigration bill now before the people can figure out what’s in it and rise up against it. It was pretty plain why the Democrats did this when they controlled the entire Congress, but it’s not so obvious why the Republicans are going along.

It has to be the money and wanting to ingratiate themselves with those who hold the real power. I can’t think of any other reason. The corporatists want the cheap labor. For the Republicans, the price of going along is betraying the interests of their party, and they’re willing to pay that.

The cover they use for us, because they clearly think we are stupid, is that we need to cozy up to Latinos or we will keep losing their vote. The last time Republicans cozied up to Latinos with an amnesty plan was in 1986. In the preceding presidential election, Republicans won 35% of the Hispanic vote. After that magnificent job of pandering, in 1988 Republicans did even worse, winning only 30% of the vote in the presidential election. You can’t tell me that Lindsey Graham and the other Republicans trying to make this argument don’t know this. They’re just hoping we don’t know. They’re going to legalize these people who are in the country already, encourage more to come, and the more that come the more votes they will have for big government.

The motivation of Democrats in supporting this bill is clear. They are importing voters. Is that more honorable than the Republicans’ motivation of looking after the interests of the big money of the Chamber of Commerce? That’s a tough call. Neither side will admit their true motives – they couch it in terms of “fixing a broken system,” and “bringing people out of the shadows.” Well, they are fixing nothing, and if there are any people in shadows in our society, they are conservative Christians, not undocumented immigrants.

But the most outlandish part of the whole immigration bill is section 2106, where money is given to leftist community organizer groups like La Raza, maybe not Acorn but groups like Acorn, and Unions to help walk illegals through the amnesty process, the provisional status process, and then the naturalization process. This was pointed out by Dr. Betsey McCaughey when she was interviewed by Mark Levin on his Thursday radio show (Visit the podcasts section of Mark Levin’s website, and start listening at about the 58-minute mark). It’s reminiscent, she said, of the old days of Boss Tweed where if you were poor or a newcomer, you went to the local Ward Boss where you got what you needed in exchange for a vote. These left-wing groups will partner with the government in helping people through the process, and while they’re at their door, they can register them to vote. Slick system.

John Boehner, Speaker of the House, is corrupt. I’ll go ahead and say it. There is no other explanation that ties together all the shenanigans I’ve seen him up to. This immigration bill is bad news for the country and especially bad news for the future of the Republican party. Nevertheless, he wants this bill. Apparently, he will only resist if he feels that his speakership is in jeopardy. Same with Mitch McConnell. We need to flood the Capitol with calls and let them know we won’t let them get away with this.

We keep being told that the existing system is broken. I’ll grant that, but the reason its broken is that the administration won’t enforce the laws we’ve already passed. They passed a law asking for a border fence, and they won’t do it. States want to step into the void and enforce what the federal government won’t, and they won’t let them. ICE agents are suing the government for prohibiting them from fulfilling their duty and enforcing the law. The bill working its way through Congress does nothing to fix the broken system – it only makes it worse.


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