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The conservative pundits are going with Trump – but we could do so much better

I listen faithfully to Mark Levin’s radio show each night, at least enough of it each night to pick up all his themes. And while I have great admiration for his insight, his integrity, and his courage, I part ways … Continue reading

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This is the impeachable offense we’ve been waiting for

Pres. Obama commits impeachable offenses on a regular basis, and the unwillingness of Congress to say anything about that has damaged our system of government. But on this Taliban prisoner release he is the most vulnerable. I hope someone in … Continue reading

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The war for Obama to save face

Obama is at it again. McCain is at it again. The Republican establishment is at it again. All jumping on this bandwagon about Syria and all so out of touch with the people. “The consequences of the Congress of the … Continue reading

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Republican Corruption and the Immigration Bill

They’re trying to ram through this immigration bill now before the people can figure out what’s in it and rise up against it. It was pretty plain why the Democrats did this when they controlled the entire Congress, but it’s … Continue reading

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Republicans Need New Leadership in the Senate

I was disgusted to hear the whining of Senator Lindsey Graham and Trent Lott about the Tea Party candidates who lost on Tuesday. In Delaware and Nevada, we nominated candidates who were too conservative, they said. If we don’t moderate … Continue reading

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Lindsey Graham a Target for 2014

I watched Lindsey Graham’s interview with Greta Van Susteren on Fox last night. I was surprised to see him come out in favor of repealing Obamacare. Repeal it, he said, and replace it with better health care reform legislation. It’s … Continue reading

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