Republicans, don’t trust John Boehner

Today my two favorite radio talk show hosts, Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh, were both going after John Boehner. They see through his positioning, and warned against his recent consolidation of power through his purge of tea-party-oriented members of his caucus from key committee assignments.

Rush Limbaugh’s e-mail after his show this afternoon highlighted his comments on Boehner. He said “Boehner Will Do Deal Obama Wants, But Obama Wants to Go Over the Cliff and Destroy the Republican Party.” That is essentially what I said in my post yesterday. Obama likes the idea of raising taxes, and especially if he can blame Republicans for it. His friends in the establishment media will help make the charge stick. And he isn’t really worried about any economic damage this may cause. He sees opportunity in economic damage. And after all the damage he has caused already without getting blamed for it by a majority of voters, he is emboldened and less afraid than ever to cause more. And Rush believes that Boehner is planning to cave.

I’ve watched this man, and this is the pattern that I see when he negotiates with the Democrats. He acts tough and indignant at what the Democrats want. He draws a line in the sand over which he will not cross. And then the Democrats toughen their stance. Whereupon Boehner goes back to his caucus and tries to rally them behind compromising, based on the idea that it isn’t possible to get a better deal and we can’t handle the negative press we’ll get unless we strike this deal.

And then there is the Boehner purge. Rush mentioned it, and Mark Levin devoted considerable time to it. Mark had Republican Congressman Tim Huelskamp as a guest. Congressman Huelskamp was stripped of committee assignments on the House Budget Committee and the Agriculture Committee, apparently for being outspoken in his stance against tax hikes. In my mind, that type of attempt to silence a member of your party who actually believes in the fundamental principle that holds your party together, that is political corruption.

I will tell you that I have had a sense for quite some time now that Speaker Boehner is corrupt. I don’t mean necessarily that he is financially corrupt, but that I believe he is politically corrupt. I have a sense that he is willing to maneuver and backstab for his own political advantage and has little sense of duty to the welfare of his country. Remember, he is the one who made this sequestration deal with Democrats that has created what is being called the “fiscal cliff.” And now he is crusading against it. It was Boehner’s deep emotions over discussing his rise to power, after being elected speaker, that first scared me. I have seen that level of emotion before in a woman with a severe case of pathological narcissistic personality disorder who was willing to sacrifice the welfare of her own children for her personal aggrandizement in the eyes of her friends. And Boehner’s actions since then have reaffirmed this initial assessment of mine.

You get glimmers of his behind-the-scenes treachery here and there. One of those glimmers was in how the leadership has treated Michele Bachmann. I saw him jump on her in a phony scandal. And I heard RNC Chairman Reince Priebus promise on the air to Mark Levin that Congresswoman Bachmann would get financial help from the RNC if she needed it. But something happened behind the scenes there, because in spite of her election victory by the slimmest of margins, she didn’t receive a single penny from the RNC or any Republican campaign committee.

No, Republicans. I think Boehner is a bad actor and needs to go.

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