Russell Pearce to be on the ballot in 2012

I was at the Mountain View Tea Party meeting tonight. Tom Jenney, Arizona Director of Americans for Prosperity was the speaker, with a very enlightening presentation. But the most interesting part of the meeting came when he finished.

Russell Pearce was in the audience, and was invited to stand and say a few words. He thanked those in attendance for their support during this past year and then announced, “I will be on the ballot in 2012.” He didn’t elaborate further on that. I would assume he is running for his old State Senate seat, but he didn’t elaborate.

I’m all for that and will help him however I can. What happened with the challenge to his seat this year was a travesty and a perversion of the system. It was a carefully engineered election, manipulated to achieve a certain result.

I’ll repeat what I wrote during that campaign, and that is that, to have integrity, the recall system should be modified. If an elected official is required to face recall, then it should be voted on by the people as a recall: Yes or no, should this elected official be recalled. Then, if the recall proposition passes, there should be a separate election to fill the office. Otherwise, it is open to unscrupulous manipulation as was done by Randy Parraz in this instance.

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