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Bob Worsley’s deceptive Obamacare ad

I get really annoyed when politicians try to fool the voters into thinking they’re who they’re not. And that happened with a Bob Worsley (Arizona SD 25) ad I saw on TV yesterday. It starts out by saying that Senator … Continue reading

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Obama’s lying isn’t as troubling as the people who prop him up

It is clear that Obamacare was designed to supplant private health insurance with government exchanges, Medicaid-like government paid health care, and government approved insurance. But Obama couldn’t say that and get the law passed – he had to lie and … Continue reading

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The Insurance Company or the Government – which is more generous?

One of the characteristics of modern liberalism is that they stir up animosity against capitalism. Corporations are evil because they make a profit. The government, however, has altruistic motives and that is where all the good people are. To believe … Continue reading

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