Tea Party candidates for Precinct committee people in Mesa’s Arboleda Precinct

When I arrived at my polling place in the Arboleda Precinct in Mesa this morning, Russell Pearce was there greeting people. I shook his hand, told him he had my vote, and he handed me a card with a list of candidates to vote for for Precinct Committeemen and Committeewomen. I’ll share it with you in case you are in the same precinct and are conservative like me:

Billie Bollwinkel
C. Webb Crockett
Nan M. Crockett
Amy Ellsworth
Corty Ellsworth
Joanne Fillmore
Lori Hunsaker
Angela Johnson
Graham Johnson
Sarah Johnson
Jim Le Cheminant
Joanna Naumann
Sigsbee Nelson
Larry Perkins
Linda Phelps
Shelley Sirrine
Brandon Trichel
Lillian Wilkinson
Thomas Wilkinson

On the strength of Russell Pearce’s endorsement, I endorse them also.

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