The Intolerance of the Left Illustrated by NPR

Conservatives live in frustration trying to deal with the dissembling of the Left. And one of those aggravating pretenses with which they deceive so many people is that they are tolerant and broad-minded.  Often it seems that they deceive even themselves. Inherent in their big government philosophy is the subservience of the invididual to the needs of the state. And the same authoritarianism that takes away our property to redistribute it to those it chooses also takes away our individuality and presses us to squelch our individual opinions in favor of acceptable speech. Thus when conservatives talk of tax cuts, they talk of tax cuts across the board. When the Left talks of tax cuts, it’s targeted tax cuts, given to certain approved individuals or individuals who behave in prescribed ways. It’s maddening to us conservatives that the Left doesn’t seem to comprehend their own regimented, intolerant thinking.

As such, we jump on these events like the firing of Liberal commentator Juan Williams, because they expose this intolerance. As a Liberal, you would think Juan Williams would fit in with National Public Radio. But he’s not a “talking points” Liberal. In his own words, some of his comments are “out of the box,” unpredictable. He doesn’t toe the prescribed party line like a “good” NPR analyst should. And he consorts with Conservatives and appears on the hated Fox News Network.

I was intrigued by the comments Juan made to George Stephanopoulos when he was interviewed on Good Morning, America last Friday. Here’s a direct quote:

“I grew up basically on the Left. I grew up here in New York City. You know, and I always thought the Right Wing were the ones who were inflexible, intolerant. And now I’m coming to realize that the orthodoxy at NPR, if it’s representing the Left, is just unbelievable, that you know, and especially for me, you know, as a black man, to somehow say something that’s out of the box, they find it very difficult. And I think that’s right, George, that they were looking for a reason to get rid of me, that they were uncomfortable with the idea that I was talking to the likes of Bill O’Reilly or Sean Hannity.”

George Stephanopoulos went on to ask Juan Williams, “Were you surprised at this, or did you see it coming?”

“No,” answers Juan. “I knew about their antagonism towards Fox. And I knew that they really didn’t like it and, as I’ve said, I’ve been there more than ten years so I’ve seen managers come and go who dealt with this issue. This current crew was really getting vicious and, as I say, personal in terms of their animus. And so I had a sense that they really were looking for something.”

But, in browsing some of the blogs on the subject, I see that while many on the Left seem to get this, some of them are blindly defending NPR, buying into the contorted belief that NPR was honestly trying to uphold some standard of objectivity. Wake up, you people. Broaden your reading habits. There are plenty of statements floating around that were made by NPR analysts and reporters to fully demonstrate that this was an act of intellectual bigotry, not an upholding of journalistic ethics.

The revelation I like the best was made by Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday. Chris is another Liberal who would be out of place on NPR, because he has hard questions for both Liberals and Conservatives. (This is also contrary to their code of ethics, because all the enlightened people know that Liberals are right and so it is unfair to ask them tough questions :-).) Here’s the statement by Chris Wallace:

“In March, Cokie Roberts (an analyst) wrote a column about Glenn Beck in which she said this: ‘Beck is worse than a clown. He’s more like a terrorist who believes he has discovered the one true faith and condemns everyone else as a heritic. And that makes him something else as well – a traitor to the American values he professes so loudly to defend.’

“And then there is Cokie’s reaction on This Week, an ABC show, to the Supreme Court ruling on partial birth abortion: ‘They are saying that women would be protected from regrets later in life. You know, there are lots of moral decisions people make all through their lives where they regret them. And the idea that the Court is going to stop that for women is something that I think is just offensive.’ Somehow, NPR didn’t seem to think those opinions were objectionable.”

The above is a direct quote by Chris Wallace.

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