Voting Fraud Being Promoted on behalf of Harry Mitchell Campaign

I just received a phone call asking for my stepson James. It was from Organizing for America – Barack Obama’s political action committee. It came from area code 317, which is in the Indianapolis area.

James is a student at Arizona State University, and they wanted to urge him to register to vote, and to vote for Democrat Harry Mitchell. Tomorrow is the registration deadline in Arizona.

I told the woman on the phone that James no longer lives in Harry Mitchell’s district, which is Arizona’s 5th Congressional District – that he had moved to Gilbert and was now in the 6th Congressional District. No matter, she answered. They were encouraging all ASU students to register in Harry Mitchell’s district so they could vote for him, whether or not they actually lived there, because ASU is in his district.

Hmmm. Verrrry interesting.

I looked up the registration form online. You can print it out and mail it in. Item #3 on the form asks for the “Address where you live” and “where you live” is underlined, just as I have shown. And in the instructions at the top of the form is this warning:¬†“WARNING: Executing a false registration is a class 6 felony” with the bold and the all-caps emphasis just as I have reproduced it here.

I’m sure if you pressed Organizing for America on this, they would say that the woman was out of line and acting entirely on her own. However, with her own mouth she said clearly, “we”, definitely implying that this was their policy, or at least that it had been discussed among themselves. It seems that they were calling from some list of students. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that this was occurring in other congressional districts.

And I don’t suppose they care, either, if you are a citizen.

David Schweikert, Republican¬†for Congress from Arizona’s 5th District. Vote for him – he’s a good man.

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By Dr. David Hall. Dr. Hall runs Infinity Dental Web, a small company that does Internet marketing for dentists. He has had a long-standing interest in politics and as a college student toyed with the idea of a political career.
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2 Responses to Voting Fraud Being Promoted on behalf of Harry Mitchell Campaign

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  2. Eric L Broomfield says:

    This is a typical Republican attack. Make an accusation without any real proof. I am sure you all feel great about yourselves putting out such stories without any back up. Harry Mitchel is the best public servant that Tempe has produced since Carl Hayden. He has not gotten rich off the suffering of others like your “good man.” He was a school teacher. He taught several generations of Tempe students about US government. He has forgotten more then his opponent will ever know. Throw more mud and scare people that is the Republican way.

    Response from David Hall:
    I understand that this may be tough for you to deal with. I am just telling what happened in this phone call. The post is pretty close to a shortened but verbatim account of what happened. I actually tried to explain twice that he didn’t live in the district, but she was persistent. And I put the link to the registration form so you can see for yourself what it says and compare it to what the caller told me. I can understand that a person like you who loves Harry Mitchell just has a hard time getting his arms something like this. I feel your pain.

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