Will Obamacare Implode?

He said it again Monday night on the Special Report All Star Panel – Charles Krauthammer was talking about Obamacare imploding. This idea that Ted Cruz and Mike Lee had about defunding Obamacare was all the wrong strategy – Republicans just need to step back and watch Obamacare implode.

Now Charles Krauthammer is an intelligent man – there is no disputing that. But his intelligence here is warring against his timidity to where he makes no sense. Think it through – do you really think that Democrats will step up and say that Obamacare isn’t working so we just need to repeal it? Dream on, Charles, it will never happen, and you know it won’t. If these people were amenable to reason, they would never have passed it in the first place.

No, Obamacare isn’t going to go away without a fight. And it will be a knock-down, drag-out fight, if it ever happens. Even if the next presidential election brings us a true conservative president and a conservative majority in the House and Senate, they will filibuster to keep it from happening. Notice how I didn’t say Republican president or Republican majority – because the ruling class Republicans are status quo Republicans who don’t like to rock the boat.

No this “wait for it to implode” thinking is not a strategy – it is a rationalization, an excuse for doing nothing that has as its purpose to comfort the timid.

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