Worsley Promises and Performance by Bill Sandry and Vote Smart Arizona

I received this e-mail from the Mountain View Tea Party. I don’t find it published anywhere on the Web, so I thought I’d share it here:

Promise No. 1: 

Worsley has stated “All of my businesses went from start-up to successful businesses.” (AZCentral.com/news 9/12/12)

Performance: NOT TRUE. In July of 2010 he filed bankruptcy (BK Petition #2:10-bk-21604-CGC) on 3 of his companies with Snowflake White Mountain LLC leading the way after it received $39m in tax exempt bond funding via the AZ Dept. of Comm. (AZ Dept. of Comm. 2006 Press release). Worsley sold them to Najif Co’s. for $4.75m (Ewing Bemiss & Co. press release11/30/10) and in 2013 bought the power company back for $12m (KCSG TV 7/30/13). Apache Railroad that serves his power company will now be subsidized with another $2m tax payer guaranteed loan (AZ Daily Independent.com 3/27/14). Speaking of tax payer funded subsidies; Mr. Worsley was the sole senator that defeated HB2586 that would have disclosed such back-room political tax credit favors (AZ Daily Independent.com 4/10/14). Now why would he defeat a bill that passed the House 57-0? Do we want this guy voting on our taxes and fiscal decisions?


Promise No. 2: 

He says he “Authored Arizona border security plan.” He is “Installing military grade technology to: 1. Secure the border 2. Keep the federal government accountable” (Worsley campaign fliers)

Performance: WHAT PLAN? He proposed and got the Governor to sign off on his version of the failed federal virtual fence, SBinet that the federal government spent over $1b to implement. Senator McCain “all but called Worsley’s plan a waste of time.” (www.theverge.com 5/29/14) Why would she sign a bill for a failed program? Because it was NOT FUNDED and would never be built; but it makes a good campaign piece for her Medicaid expansion political ally to say you passed it. He has not installed any equipment much less military grade equipment. Nor has he done anything to hold the federal government accountable. Name one. He opposed SB1070 and the other measures to secure the border. He supported the ineffective “SANE” program for amnesty. (Mesa Republic 12/14/12) In short, he opposes effective sovereign state efforts for us to secure our border.


Promise No. 3: 

He says he is “Fighting federal takeover of healthcare.” (Worsley campaign flier)


Performance: His vote for federal control of our healthcare with the Medicaid Expansion Bill was a “No brainer.” (East Valley Tribune 6/14/13) The U.S. Supreme Court has held, accepting federal money is a contract with the federal government for which it will have no obligation to fund Medicaid expansion in the future but the federal government can still dictate what health care we can provide and what care we will be denied (NFIB v. SEBELIUS). Wake up senior citizens and those with preexisting conditions. (See: Obamacare “Pre-existing Conditions Insurance Plan” – the PICP Directive dated 2-15-13). Your costs will be too high to pay. “Medicaid expansion . . . is the linchpin of Obamacare.” (AZ Republic 6/2/13)


Promise No. 4: 

Worsley says he is for “Improving our education system with Arizona solutions, not federal prescriptions.” (Worsley campaign flier)

Performance: NOT! He has been an advocate for the federal prescription of the financially dictated Common Core program that is bereft of standards and has a curriculum owned by two private copyright holders over which our school districts have no control (arizonansagainstcommomcore.com/fliers.html). The federal mandates that come with the federal blackmail for Common Core funding include the mandatory collection of over 400 data points on personal, religious and family information from our children (http://dailycaller.com/2014/07/27/common-core-expert-techno-progressives-seek-to-violate-your-childs-privacy/?advD=1248,311629). Worsley voted to defeat SB1310 that would have prohibited federal control of our education system! 


Promise No. 5: 

Worsley says he is for “Bringing jobs to the East Valley.” (Worsley campaign flier)

Performance: What businesses has he brought to the East Valley? Would he continue to subsidize them with tax dollars like he does his businesses?

The press has referred to Mr. Worsley as the King of Crony Capitalism.” (AZ Daily Ind.com 3/27/14). He’s still at the public trough with his Worsley Wind Farms (Gilbertwatch.com; SRPnet.com) and his potash company (HNZ Potash, LLC a Delaware Corp.) that has teamed up with Hunt Oil and could use the Apache Railroad spur financed by our $2m publicly guaranteed loan.


(Paid for by Vote Smart Mesa; not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s campaign committee.)

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