Republican response to Obama – just whine

It is truly tragic and at the same time laughable the Republican response to Obama. I was listening to last night’s All Star Panel on Special Report where Steve Hayes and Charles Krauthammer were floating various things Congress could do to respond to Obama’s recent abrogation of law-making powers. That is, anything they could do short of something that would actually work.

One of their ideas was that, once they get control of the Senate and can get around Harry Reid, Republicans can begin to tackle the immigration issue piecemeal by passing some type of enforcement mechanism.


Obama just set the ground rules here. He is calling the shots. He has the authority, he claims, to set immigration policy and can flout anything that Congress does. Wake up, you people, and deal with reality! Congress just became impotent – it’s now the President who makes the laws. That is, unless you really want to get a little spine and actually stand up to Obama. Draw the line on the budget. Actually consider impeachment. If you’re not willing to do what you actually have power to do that would actually amount to standing up to Barack, then you are conceding the fight and he will walk all over you. You pass a law, he’ll veto it. You override his veto, he’ll say, “Fine, I’m not going to enforce it.”

Wimpy Republicans. Obama could not have done what he did Thursday night without the enabling of Republicans. So they can whine about Obama shredding the constitutional separation of powers, but Republicans, you have wadded up and thrown into the trash those provisions of the Constitution that give you the power to confront him.

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