This is an enemy of America in Ferguson

Let’s strip away all the pretense and get down to what really happened in Ferguson, Missouri.

18-year-old Michael Brown robbed a store in Ferguson, Missouri and assaulted the clerk. The police were called and officer Darren Wilson arrived on the scene. Michael Brown then assaulted the officer and tried to kill him by wrestling his gun away from him. All of this is amply proved by physical evidence and eyewitnesses. There are no serious, credible contradictions to this narrative.

Some witnesses tried to portray Michael Brown as a “gentle giant,” an “unarmed teenager.” They said that when he was fatally shot he had his hands up and was facing officer Wilson. These witnesses were later discredited by a combination of physical evidence, retracting their original statements, and contradicting themselves.

But there is an element in our country that is trying to stir up unrest, particularly racial unrest. Al Sharpton has a long history of getting into these issues and doing what he can to fan the flames of racial hatred. Let’s give the initial witnesses a pass. Did they purposely lie about what they saw? Maybe. But they may also have been motivated by preconceived notions, wishful thinking, or other biases. But once the dust settled and all the facts came out, responsible members of the news media and the political class should rally behind the truth in an effort to quell racial tensions.

But no, that is too tall an order for the contemporary American Left.

Seeing a great window of opportunity, outside agitators began pouring into Ferguson. The Christian Science Monitor reported on busses coming from New York, Chicago, Detroit, and other places.

This is a great window into the soul of the American Left. They are interested in agitation, not the truth. I include among these many members of the media. The establishment media in this country are largely corrupt, as I have asserted before. George Stephanopoulos is among this group. I was disgusted by his interview with officer Darren Wilson. He continued the racial narrative where there is no shred of evidence that race is an issue at all. He brushed over that Brown had tried to kill officer Wilson. And then he questioned whether Wilson should have pursued Brown when he started running. Wilson is a police officer, for Pete’s sake, who was called to the scene to hopefully arrest Brown for robbery and assault! And then Stephanopoulos gave voice to the perjured witnesses who tried to assert that Brown had attempted to surrender.

No less despicable have been the failure of people like Obama and Holder to dispel the foundation of lies that are the basis of the violence. No, as posted on the website PJmedia, the mob is useful to Obama and the cause of the left.

I don’t know how bad it will have to get before responsible people realize that they have unite against these forces of civil unreast. Hopefully that will happen sometime before our society falls apart completely.

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