Bachmann the most likely Republican candidate to beat Obama

Michele Bachmann was interviewed again by Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday. And I must say it was another stellar performance.

She was asked about Herman Cain, about his blunders last week over abortion and negotiating with terrorists and changing his 9-9-9 plan. She was reserved in her criticism and said she wouldn’t judge him but would leave that to the voters.

I like Herman Cain. He’s a likable guy. But you know the establishment press and Obama’s war chest would make mincemeat of him with this propensity of his for blunders. And then Michele Bachmann pointed out that when you’re president, you have to get these things right. So these things are not just a problem for the campaign, but cause problems when you try to govern.

And Newt Gingrich is rising in popularity. But oh, what short memories some of us have. Remember his moral indiscretions? A Democrat can get away with these things. But many Republicans will either vote against that kind of behavior or simply stay home. Don’t think that the establishment press won’t milk that weakness for all it’s worth. And remember his “green conservatism?” Serious liabilities these.

And Rick Perry has shown himself also prone to campaign gaffes and poor judgment. George W. Bush is a serious intellectual, but the media has still been able to get many people to view him as a shoot-from-the-hip cowboy who doesn’t know what a library was. Or is that liberry? Rick Perry is starting to appear that way without much help at all from the media. Imagine what he will look like after the media get their chance to bloody him up good.

And Romney? Remember the flip-flop interview with Tim Russert? Remember he brought out a pair of flip-flops? We don’t want a candidate going after Obama with a muddied message. I like Romney. I’m LDS. I think at least 80% of LDS Republican voters will vote for him for the nomination. Not me. He’s not a solid conservative, and you know that in your heart, don’t you.

And all the while Michele Bachmann handles all the pressure, the interviews, the debates, pretty much gaffe-free. And what her opponents have tried to bring her down with has mostly all bounced off. Not knowing Elvis’s birthday? Saying New Hampshire when she meant Massachusetts? Passing along a comment someone told her after her debate that maybe should have been fact-checked? All these are minor, insignificant. The woman is smart, bold, and solid in her convictions. She has a strong grasp of what the job of the presidency involves. I have seen her grilled on foreign policy, economics, social issues, and the mechanics of government, and she has handled the questions brilliantly, as she did again on Sunday. And her message of spending restraint, a return to traditional values, and free-market economics resonates with the great body of the American people. Look at how she is in line with current popular opinion. People didn’t want the TARP bailouts, or any other bailouts. They don’t want to be fondled by the TSA. They didn’t want the debt ceiling increased. They support traditional marriage. They want our government to be tough with our enemies and good with our friends. They oppose granting favors to illegal immigrants. The other Republican candidates, Rick Santorum excepted, all have weaknesses in these areas – she doesn’t.

All she needs now, to perk up her campaign, is a few key endorsements.

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By Dr. David Hall. Dr. Hall runs Infinity Dental Web, a small company that does Internet marketing for dentists. He has had a long-standing interest in politics and as a college student toyed with the idea of a political career.
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6 Responses to Bachmann the most likely Republican candidate to beat Obama

  1. ERIC COLE says:

    Michele Bachmann is the best GOP candidate that has not been given enough attention in the media. She has the best positions on the issues and is our choice for president. She can become the first woman commander in chief.

  2. Gus Anton says:

    Why not be more specific about your plans for the Economy, Immigration, and Job Creation during the next debate! Also, tell the American people what you would keep in Obamacare as part of a revised healthcare package. If your were nominated at the Republican Convention, I would definitely vote for you!!

    Response from David Hall
    If Michele could come up with something – a proposal or something that would attract attention and become a focus of discussion, like Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 plan – that would help a lot. Strategically, she needs to do something to draw attention to herself.

  3. Writer Chick says:

    I share your admiration of Mrs. Bachmann. I am really pulling for her and can’t help wondering if she wouldn’t be viewed more seriously if she were a man. Everyone is so anxious to decide who the candidate might be, rather than letting the process continue. I look forward to the debate on foreign policy. Hopefully since the Heritage Foundation is sponsoring the debate the candidates will be given equal time to reply. If so, I think that Bachmann will have a real chance to shine.

    – Writer Chick

  4. Mark O. DOnovan says:

    I disagree with the conclusion that Bachmann has a chance to beat Obama. Once you are beyond the sound bites and the talking points, there is the very real issue as to the management ability and management style of a candidate. Bachmann has a very long, well documented history of having very poor relationships with her staff, and the turnover rate of her staff has been horrendous. She has not put together a quality campaign team. In the long run, this will be her undoing. And rightly so. If she can not organize a campaign and generate long term loyalty and enthusiasm amongst her staff, she lacks the interpersonal skills to be an effective President. And, she will not be able to defeat the well organized campaigns of Romney or Obama.

    Comment by David Hall:
    Why is it we pass over the absolute blunders of these other candidates and nit-pick at Michele Bachmann? I don’t understand it.

    There have recently been some staff troubles with the New Hampshire campaign, true, but what I read says that she has an inner circle of campaign advisors that have been stable and constant over the long term. And her victory in the Iowa straw poll was basically an organizational achievement – so her organization out-did everybody else’s organization in a head-to-head competition. Additionally, her fundraising prowess is well-known, and that is also an organizational achievement. So I would say I disagree with your dismissing of her organizational abilities.

    I recently read Ronald Reagan’s autobiography, and there were serious stresses in his administration. Lincoln had trouble getting along with his generals. So I don’t put a lot of weight on this New Hampshire dust-up. Gingrich had far worse happen to his staff several months ago, and we’ve already forgotten it.

  5. Leslie A H Redweik says:

    That’s funny I know one of her staff who has been with her for her entire political career – well over 11 years.

    Response from David Hall,
    Thanks for that comment. And these reports of her “staff troubles” come from the establishment media, so I tune them out.

  6. Charles says:

    I agree Michele has been awesome with her answers- I think she needs to bring more passion when she speaks, like Sarah Palin I think she would get more support that way.

    Response by David Hall:
    Maybe, but she’s a different personality. She can’t try to be Sarah Palin because she isn’t. She should be herself. I stand by my original statement that if she got some key endorsements, her campaign would take off. A lot of people are impressed by her, but she hasn’t been a governor and she hasn’t tried to curry favor with the ruling class Republicans in Washington, so she hasn’t had impressive committee assignments. So they need some validation of her credentials and her intelligence. And there may be some sexism in how people are viewing her. I heard her interviewed again on this past week on the Mark Levin radio show, and I think she is Mark Levin’s favorite, the way he speaks so glowingly of her, though he won’t endorse anyone yet.

    And she could use money. I just sent her some more money this week, and I would encourage others to do that. Money – it’s the mother’s milk of politics. Don’t underestimate what that will do to a campaign. If you like her, send her a few bucks.

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